My Hair Regimen

Again, welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting. This is my first official post, where I will share my current hair regimen. Due to my hectic schedule this is what I do to keep my hair in the best shape possible….

  • Relax – done by my stylist
    • Average 12 weeks
    • Trim ends
  • Wash
    • Every 2 weeks (usually on weekends)
      • Wash with a sulphate free shampoo
      • Deep condition alternatively with a moisturising or low protein deep conditioner
      • Apply leave in treatment and seal with oil
      • Style – usually roller set or air dry in flexi rods…still trying to master how to do a successful air dry…tips and trick are welcomed 🙂
    • Bi-monthly
      • Deep condition with strong / heavy protein followed by a moisturising deep conditioner.
  • Maintenance
    •  Daily
      • Moisturize and seal
      • Wrap hair with silk scarf  / bonnet


Additional notes:

  • My hair is only flat ironed every 12 weeks / relaxer day
  • I will be introducing pre pooing to my hair regimen


I aim to keep my regimen simple and short.


Please stay tuned on the products I use for my hair regimen.




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Hi, welcome to my blog… Here I interact and share knowledge about hair tips, tricks and all other things… come along for the journey…